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Q-Cells is now applying the skills perfected over years of solar cell manufacture to solar module production. Q.PRO modules achieve maximum efficiencies and have outstanding performance characteristics, making them ideal for residential rooftop arrays or smaller-scale commercial and industrial applications.


Q.Pro 235 Multi Crystalline Panels

German Engineering for Reliable Yields
• Highest product quality through branded components according to German standards
• Maximum efficiency through multicrystalline solar cells, manufactured in-house, with cell efficiencies of up to 17 %
• High output due to excellent performance in low-light conditions – even under the most challenging circumstances
•Further optimization of output due to positive sorting +5 / -0 Wp

Sturdy, Weather-resistant Construction
• Protection against overheating includes a junction box with integrated bypass diodes and 100 % hotspot-free cells
• Approved for increased snow and wind loads up to 5400 Pa, with tempered glass and a flex-resistant frame
• Long-term weather resistance with integrated drainage holes in the frame

Simple, Cost-effective Installation
• Compatible with all the latest standard, commercially available inverters and mounting systems
• Minimal wiring effort required, as the module itself has high reverse current resistance (25 A)

Steady, Guaranteed Performance
• 10-year product warranty
• 25-year performance warranty that guarantees output of no less than 83% the nominal capacity of the module at the 25 year mark, with no more than 0.6% module performance decrease per year. No other companies offer such a specific performance assurance.25-year performance warranty






The independent Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) is a demonstration facility for commercialised solar technologies operating in the arid solar conditions of Alice Springs in central Australia.

The data of various photovoltaic systems and technologies compiled at the DKASC is available to the public via www.dkasolarcentre.com.au The system performance presented here is a result of an analysis of this data carried out by Q.CELLS and can be validated by accessing the DKASC data.


A prototype of Q.CELLS Q.PRO modules and 4 other Q.CELLS technologies are operating alongside a growing number of modules from leading manufacturers at the Alice Springs test site. The Q.PRO modules feature highest quality, outstanding performance and positive power sorting.

All systems in this analysis are connected to inverters with comparable performance characteristics.


The data collected by DKASC uses a singular monitoring system for all installations and data used was taken between March 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011. For this analysis, if data points of any one system were missing for a certain period of time, data for all systems was not considered during that period to maintain a level playing field.

The data reveals that Q.CELLS Q.PRO modules are top-performers in terms of generating electricity compared to modules in equivalent system configurations from other manufacturers.

1 Desert Knowledge Australia, the Australian Government, the Northern Territory Government and the project managers, CAT Projects do not endorse, and accept no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the outcomes and conclusions associated with the use of data from the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.